2021 Toyota Mirai Prices, Reviews, and Pictures


The 2021 Toyota Mirai, which is powered by hydrogen, is a sub-niche in the small niche of electric cars. The fuel cell that powers the Mirai and its competitors, the Honda Clarity or the Hyundai Nexo, creates electricity by producing a chemical reaction which strips hydrogen of its electrons. The Mirai is powered by water vapor. Unlike a plug-in electric vehicle that takes several minutes to juice, the Mirai can be refueled with hydrogen in a matter of minutes. The Mirai offers a luxurious experience, lots of style and a comfortable ride in between fill-ups. The Mirai is currently only available in California.

What’s new for 2021?

As it enters its second year, the Toyota Mirai will undergo a major overhaul. Exterior design has been completely redesigned. This is the most notable change. The 2020 Mirai was a very close relative to the Toyota Prius. However, the 2021 Mirai is more like a Lexus. It will grow in size, and be a few inches wider and longer than the Lexus GS. However, the styling changes are not the only ones. The Mirai also gets a more powerful fuel cell powertrain and can switch from front-wheel to rear-wheel drive. The Mirai now has a boost in power and can drive up to 402 miles with a full tank of hydrogen.

Pricing and Which One To Buy

You can choose from the Mirai’s base XLE or loaded Limited trims. However, we recommend sticking with the cheaper of the two. The standard interior features include power-adjustable and heated seats, keyless entry, ignition, faux leather upholstery, and a 12.3 inch infotainment touchscreen. All Mirai models include a $15,000 fuel credit, and 21 days complimentary vehicle rental for those times when you need to drive away from hydrogen fueling stations.

Performance, Transmission and Engine

The Toyota Mirai’s powertrain is called a fuel-cell electrical powertrain. This means that hydrogen, which could come from cow manure among other sources, is converted to electricity by the onboard fuel cell. It is basically a chemical laboratory on wheels. The fuel cell creates electricity by removing electrons from hydrogen atoms. After the hydrogen bonds with oxygen, the electrons drive the electric motor. This results in an electric vehicle that is powered by hydrogen from a pump and not electrons from the national electrical power grid. The Mirai’s electric motor produces 182 horsepower. All of this is sent to the rear wheels via a one speed direct-drive transmission. Toyota claims that the Mirai takes 9.1 seconds to reach 60 mph. However, the Mirai’s electric motor’s immediate power delivery makes it feel more responsive than when you drive around town. Rear-wheel drive chassis offers a surprising amount of athleticism, while maintaining a composed and refined ride.

Fuel Economy and Real World MPG

Although the EPA hasn’t yet released fuel economy estimates for the Mirai, the previous generation model received ratings of 67 MPGe in both city and highway driving. Similar EPA estimates for the Honda Clarity in city driving and highway driving are 68 MPGe and 67 respectively. The Nexo model with the lowest fuel consumption is the 65 MPGe city and 58 MPGe on the highway. Toyota claims that the 2021 Mirai can travel up to 402 miles with a single tank of hydrogen.

Interior, Comfort, & Cargo

The Mirai 2021 boasts a chic cabin that matches its sleek exterior. Copper-colored trim accents highlight several curvy elements of the dash, door panels, and the large infotainment display and almost all-digital instruments dominate the upper portion of the dashboard. This design is futuristic and elegant, which is appropriate for a car starting at $50,000. The more expensive Limited trim brings even more niceties than the standard XLE, including a moonroof, heated-and-ventilated front and rear seats, three-zone automatic climate control, and more.

Infotainment & Connectivity

The Mirai features a 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment screen that is similar to the one in the Toyota Highlander SUV’s high-end models. The standard features include a Wi-Fi hotspot and a 14-speaker JBL stereo system, SiriusXM satellite radio and in-dash navigation.


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