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Vapefly Core RTA &German 103-2ml

Vapefly Core RTA &German 103-2ml
Vapefly Core RTA &German 103-2ml
Vapefly Core RTA &German 103-2ml
Vapefly Core RTA &German 103-2ml
Vapefly Core RTA &German 103-2ml
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Vapefly Core RTA &German 103-2ml
Vapefly Core RTA &German 103-2ml
Vapefly Core RTA &German 103-2ml
Vapefly Core RTA &German 103-2ml
Vapefly Core RTA &German 103-2ml
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Vapefly Core RTA &German 103-2ml

Vapefly Core RTA &German 103-2ml

Core RTA by Vapefly & German 103 is an innovative RTA designed by German 103 team, who has 103 members researching atomizers' healthier, better experience and vapers' needs. Vapefly Core RTA features arc-shaped dual posts and bottom multi-holes design to create powerful "Q" airflow system, thus it can deliver flavorful and large clouds and bring you no heat, and all these designs derive from advanced German ideas. Besides, Core RTA adopts convenient screw-to-open top refilling, bottom airflow and 2ml/4ml?e-liquid capacity.

Main Feature:
1. Designed by German 103 design team organized by Martin Hartkopf & Vapefly
2. Made of 304 Stainless Steel with 25.2mm diameter and 2ml/4ml juice capacity
3. Arc-shaped dual posts and bottom multi-holes design creates powerful "Q" airflow system
4. Leading design philosophy from Germany "Flavorful & Big Cloud & No heat"
5. Adjustable bottom airflow with large air slots and screw-to-open top filling

1℅Core RTA
1℅ 510 drip tip adapter
1℅4ml bubble glass replacement
1℅ Screw Driver

Vapefly Core RTA &German 103-2ml ComponentsVapefly Core RTA Coil DeckVapefly Core RTA &German 103-2ml

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